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Ashley Rambanepasi Speaks on life after Football.

FORMER CAPS United midfielder Ashley Rambanapasi has challenged players to start planning life after football while they are still active.

Rambanapasi, who is now into supplying building material, said footballers should think of side business to do to ensure a continuity flow of income.

“I’m currently supplying building material in form of river sand, pit sand, quarry stones, gravel, cement and bricks,” said Rambanapasi.

The former midfield enforcer said he thought of venturing into his current business when he was nursing an injury eight years ago.

“I thought of engaging myself into this business in 2012 when I was nursing an injury which was taking long to heal, because I had an operation in 2011 which was a second operation on my left knee.

“So when I was nursing the injury that is when I thought of engaging myself into this business,” he said.

He said it is important for active footballers to start planning life after football now to ensure that the business will be generating revenue the time they decide to hang boots.

“There was a whole lot of things that I was supposed to know before I engage into this business. In fact, I was being assisted by someone for almost a year, it was not easy, it was not easy because I needed to have the knowhow and there were a lot of up and downs,” he said.

The Compressor, as he was being referred to during his playing days, Rambanapasi said it is good for players to initiate another line of business while they are still employed at their respect clubs.

“It was very important for me to have started this while I was still playing because when I started it was difficult.

“When I started this there was no income, so I believe it was very important for me to have started while I was still playing so there was going to be continuity in the lifestyle I was used to,” said Rambanapasi

“To the current players I would like to urge them that they should have a side hustle while they are still playing so that they continue with a certain lifestyle they are used to because they have a business to lean to and their finances will be flowing just like before. When you are still playing you will be getting winning bonuses, allowances and salary.

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